Who to Fangirl – Tyler Mizoguchi

Unlike last time, I’m going to actually link to some content in this edition of “Who to Fangirl”.

(via the Illinois website)

Who is Tyler? He is a USA gymnast who is currently a junior at the University of Illinois who competes hard and with a ton of passion. I believe it was John Roethlisberger who said that Tyler is a “beast” and seeing who he reacts after hitting a routine is rather beastly and rather awesome, in my opinion. He is also a good gymnast, of course. He’s pretty solid as an all-around competitor but definitely strong on parallel bars, floor and vault. It was rather unfortunate that he messed up on parallel bars at the Big 10 Championships which took him out of the all around title (got 3rd after a low score also on high bar).

A future Olympian? Sure. USA men’s gymnastics is getting pretty deep except at pommel horse, and Tyler isn’t particularly good at that event. 2012 might be too early for him since he just competed in his first international meet this winter, but 2016 why not?

Your best bets for seeing Tyler this year are any reshowing of men’s gymnastics on the Big 10 network and the NCAA championships, which should be April 15-16, though I’m not sure when TV coverage will happen. Of course, if you need to see him perform now, there should be quite a few videos of him doing routines on YouTube.

Link to Tyler’s profile at Illinois gymnastics http://www.fightingillini.com/sports/m-gym/mtt/mizoguchi_tyler00.html

An interview with Tyler off Illinois’ website http://www.illinihq.com/news/2011/03/31/gymnast_mizoguchi_gains_more_confidence/

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